Summer Sale!!

We've done away with all the bundles and lowered prices across the board. Old packs, new packs... all packs are on sale. Free packs, of course, will still be free:)

Track-Fox. A fresh take on sounds, samples, and loops. Track-Fox is Instant Inspiration for producers, writers, musicians and composers. You want vibe and character. You want something unique for your next track. You want something that catches your ear, without having to sort through a mountain of sounds. Track-Fox gives you that. These sounds and loops are musical, tasteful, and full of originality. Track-Fox is being used in major label releases, film and tv placements, film scores and ads. Add it to your production arsenal today.

"It’s easy to find samples these days, it isn’t so easy to find samples with emotion... which is what Track-Fox is. I can be working in a hotel anywhere in the world and still know I’m just a click away from finding something special."

Dan Alber (Gallos, Lennon Stella, Sarah Reeves) 

"With the Ambient Piano Pack I have a very useful collection of beautiful piano work on my hard drive ready to cut, paste, flip, and process for my tracks. The performances are left intentionally sparse and focused leaving a lot of room for me to create as a producer."

Wesley Slover (Sano Sanctus)

"Most days, I'm using Track-Fox. For composing, song starts, or tracks that are almost done, it's so easy to inject something unique, something I can't find in other libraries, and the organization is superb."

Matt Stanfield (Fleurie, Kasey Musgraves, Ruelle, Kelly Clarkson)