Ambient Drums V1

Ambient Drums V1

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Ambient Drums v1

Kicks, Snares, Hits and Beats for caves, caverns, clouds, and distant landscapes. Ambient Drums V1 gives you Beats and Sounds that instantly take you to epic places. Perfect for film, tv, scores and games but equally at home in a modern pop setting where a kick and snare is all you need. Ambient Drums is electronic, dark, and full of vibe. Kicks, snares, toms, percussion and effect sounds. It’s all here, for you to use as you wish.


Ambient Drums V1: Loops from this Pack, the "Minima" kit from this Pack, the "Prudhoe" drone, and an Alchemy pad.

Ambient Drums V1: Loops, a shaker, and the Perc kit from this Pack, the "Dust" drone, and a TAL sequence.


You get 10 kits. Each contains beats, variations, individual hits, and sounds. All loops have no kick and no snare versions, as well as other useful variations. For a given loop or beat, you also get the individual sounds used to make that beat, laid out in kit form, in presets for Ableton, Kontakt, and Battery. And because we believe in variety, Ambient Drums V1 also contains DRY versions of each kit, so you can use your favorite verb. Or not... use the sounds dry for an entirely new feel.

Like all Track-Fox Packs, every sound in this collection is NEW, made from scratch. You won’t have to weed through to find sounds you’ve never heard, and you won’t have to throw out repeat sounds. Tempos are consistent across all Track-Fox Packs, making mix-and-match effortless.

Specs: 10 kits, 10 “dry” kits, 251 loops, 156 sounds. 26 Presets in Ableton, Kontakt, and Battery format. 922 MB