Track-Fox is a sample library with a fresh perspective. It's Instant Inspiration for writers, producers, DJs, composers, and any creative looking for new sounds. And... let’s be honest... we all LOVE new sounds! These packs aren’t filled with unnecessary or unusable material. When you add Track-Fox to your project, you get character and vibe. You get musicality and depth, made by professionals for professional results.

Track-Fox sound-sets are called Packs. Packs are small, focused collections: kits, sounds, loops, beats, and phrases. A single Pack is a great thing but the power of Track-Fox multiplies when you combine Packs. Across all Packs, tempos are consistent, and pitched elements tend to work together as well.

Packs are divided into Drum Packs and Sound Packs.

Drum Packs: Track-Fox Drum Packs are focused collections of beats, loops, hits, and kits. Packs come with a minimum of 10 unique kits. Each kit contains 4 loop variations, ranging from minimal to more full. It’s everything you’ll need for verses, choruses, and other sections. Loops are 4 bars with a subtle variation or fill in the back half. You get alternate mixes of each variation (such as no kick, no snare, no percussion, minimal, dry…) and extra kick+snare beats. On top of that, you get the individual sounds and hits used in the loops, laid out in presets for Ableton, Kontakt, and Battery. You also get presets for kits laid out by type of sound for the entire pack, for example the ALL KICKS kit contains the kicks from every kit in a given Pack.

The sounds are from scratch so you’re getting all new samples. Kicks that fit your mix. Unique new snares and percussion hits. Real shakers and organic percussion. Track-Fox focuses on programmed rather than live drums but anything recorded is done so through top-shelf mics, preamps, and other gear.

For the modern producer, songwriter, or composer, Drum Packs give you Instant Inspiration. Loops are record-ready; you’re not going to hear over-the-top effects, hyped eq, or parts that are too busy. You get perfect feel, perfect pocket, and tons of options.

Sound Packs: Track-Fox Sound Packs give you building blocks for your tracks and songs. Phrases. Drones. Chops. Rolls and Arps. Chords and Pads. Drag a phrase into an empty session. Add to an existing track for a fresh sound. Cut it, pitch it, chop it, stretch it like you would any sample. Track-Fox Sound Packs give you quick access to new, high-quality elements for your tracks.

Tech Specs and More: Track-Fox loops, beats, samples and sounds are record-ready. They are compressed but in a non-aggressive nature. The waveforms look like... waveforms and levels are typically around -6 db, leaving plenty of headroom for your favorite processing. Everything is 48khz/24 bit stereo although mono versions of certain sounds are also included.


From the Founder: I started Track-Fox because I love creating moments. Music is all about small moments that bring emotion to the surface in big ways. It’s how a track makes you feel, the way a chord or melody can instantly change the atmosphere of a room. I love sounds, and I want to bring a new sound to what you are doing.

Music creation is becoming more and more about raw creativity; although there is no substitute when a proper studio is needed, it’s amazing what can be done with a laptop and a few samples these days. Track-Fox is a library that bridges that space… studio parts and sounds that are ready for a modern production approach.

The last thing we need, however, is just another library, so from the start I’ve designed these Packs to be unique. They have a sound, a vibe. They have an organic heart. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro or if you are taking your first steps in music; Track-Fox will elevate the outcome.

I've been part of countless* recordings, songs, and placements, for artists like Kelly Clarkson, Norah Jones, Fleurie, Ruelle, Sam Hunt, Kasey Musgraves, Daniella Mason, and Josh Groban. That doesn’t make me awesome but it does show you what you’re getting. The same mindset. The same approach. These libraries inspire. Drag a loop and a drone or piano phrase into an empty session and watch what comes to mind! Whether you’re in London or Nashville or LA or Hong Kong, I want you to be inspired to create powerful moments, and Track-Fox will help.

-Matt Stanfield


*literally. I have no idea how I would figure that number out. Besides... I would rather be creating than counting.