Are you releasing more Packs? Absolutely. The next packs are already planned, and there are some fun things coming!

Do these sounds work in any D.A.W.? Yes. While the presets are formatted for Ableton, Kontakt, and Battery, all of the samples, loops, and hits are 48k/24bit wav files and can be used in any D.A.W. More preset formats will be added as well.

Are these sounds multi-sampled? No. The kits and sounds are electronic in nature. You get kicks, snares, hats etc but you won't see room mics or multiple velocities. At least for now... Very few of the sounds can be classified as "real" drum sounds.

Will the presets work for Ableton 9? Yes; they will work for Live 9 and 10. All Ableton programming is done in Live 9 to ensure compatibility.

Is Track-Fox a royalty free library? Yes. When you purchase a pack, you are paying for the right to use that Pack as you see fit, with the exception of selling the sounds and loops in another library. Also, we'd prefer you not copy the Packs for friends.

How do I install Track-Fox sounds? It's easy. Installation details can be found here and are also included with each Pack download.

Can I get MIDI files? For now, Packs are audio only... we are considering MIDI files as an upgrade to selected packs. If this is something you'd like, tell us!

Is Track-Fox gluten-free? No, they are full-gluten. We do plan on releasing a few gluten-free packs in the future.

What if I'm having problems with my download? You get three downloads for each Pack. If you need another, contact us and we'll reset your limit. Also, make sure you don't have a firewall that will block large downloads. Make sure you're not downloading to a phone or tablet. Upon a successful order, you will see immediate links but you will also receive an email with the links as well. Try the links in a separate browser. If all else fails, contact us and it will be made right!

Analog or Digital? Yes.

Coffee or Tea? Yes. With a slight edge to tea.


If you still have a question, please let us know!