Ambient Piano V1

Ambient Piano V1

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Pianos for days. And nights. Pianos for Film and TV, for Radio and Records. Instant inspiration and vibe for producers, writers, DJs and composers.


Ambient Piano V1: A Chord and Roll from this Pack, 2 loops from Glitch Drums V1 and 2 Drones.

Ambient Piano V1: A Chord and Roll from this Pack, a loop from Pop Drums V1, the "Old" drone, Serum and the TAL.


Ambient Piano V1 gives you 10 unique sets; each set contains 16 cuts that are 8 bars long. Parts for verses, choruses, breaks, intros, etc... These cuts are divided as Chords and Rolls. Chords give you chord changes and comps, while Rolls give you more melodic samples such as arpeggios, melodies, and patterns.

Each set also contains 4 long-form samples that are 32 bars in length, also divided as Chords and Rolls. Drag one of these long phrases into a song for an instant verse part, or use cuts for a more edited/modern production approach.

For a given set, the Chord and Roll files will work together. Drag a long form sample into your session and make your own loop or populate a control device or sampler with cuts and have hours of ideas. Use as is or cut it like a sample. Change the pitch, the speed. You are in total control. Use this Pack to start new songs or flesh out existing tracks.

With this Pack, you get actual performances. Session ready, studio-level playing. If keys aren’t your strong area, this pack will elevate your production... but experienced keys players will benefit from the fresh perspective these parts bring. Some are quantized, others are left a bit loose. It’s all about helping you capture the vibe you hear in your head; it’s all about adding a bit of mystery and ambience to a track.

Like every other Track-Fox Pack, Ambient Pianos V1 uses consistent tempos and keys to effortlessly blend with other packs. In particular, adding Chords and Rolls to loops and drum programming will get you down the creative road quickly.

Specs: 10 unique sets of Chords and Rolls in varying tempos and keys. 156 8-bar Cuts. 40 32-bar long-form samples. 2 GB