Free Pack 002 Piano & Drones

Free Pack 002 Piano & Drones

Free Pack 002 is based on Drones V1 and Ambient Piano V1, but the material is all-new. Nothing is borrowed from the “big” packs. You get new Drones in various keys and tempos. You get new Ambient Piano Rolls and Chords. Like every other Track-Fox Pack, the tempos and keys are consistent.


Free Pack 002: A kit from Free Pack 001, A Roll from Free Pack 002, and a TAL.

Free Pack 002: Loops from this Pack, a Drone and a Kit from Free Pack 001.


 Ambient Piano is made of Phrases and Rolls. Phrases give you parts and chords for verses, choruses, and other sections. Rolls give you unique melodies, arps, and patterns to blend and mix into your track as you see fit. For a given set, the Phrase and Roll files will work together.

If you need new material fast... this is a great pack to have. It serves as an expansion to Drones V1 and Ambient Piano V1 but it stands by itself as well. Also... FREE SOUNDS!!!

Specs: 10 Drones, 10 Ambient Piano sets in varying tempos and keys. A set contains a 64 bar Roll and a 64 bar Phrase.  575 MB