Glitch Drums V1

Glitch Drums V1

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Interesting kits, beats, edits, and new textures are waiting for you. These sounds are perfect for your next pop track, tv placement, ad or game. Glitch Drums V1 is electronic, quirky, and bit left of center in all the right ways. Beats, loops, kits, hits and vibe. Need something unexpected? This is the Pack for you. We’ve made these to be more on the subtle side; there’s nothing too crazy or unusable here, just tasteful edits, stutters, and glitches (of course).


Glitch Drums V1: Loops from this Pack, the "Melt" drone and a Piano from Ambient Pianos V1.

Glitch Drums V1: Loops from this Pack, the "Dust" drone, a Perc kit and a shaker from Ambient Drums V1 and a TAL.


You get 10 kits. Each contains beats, variations, individual hits, and sounds. All loops have no kick and no snare versions, as well as tons of other creative variations. For a given loop or beat, you also get the individual sounds used to make that beat, laid out in kit form, in presets for Ableton, Kontakt, and Battery. We’ve included kits that are sorted by type of sound as well, like all kicks, all snares, etc.

Like all Track-Fox Packs, every sound in this collection is NEW; you won’t find them anywhere else. Glitch Drums V1 does have a few classic drum machine sounds, but even these have our spin on them and have been made from scratch. Tempos are consistent across all Track-Fox Packs, making mix-and-match with other packs effortless.

Specs: 10 kits, 289 loops, 150 sounds. 17 Presets in Ableton, Kontakt, and Battery format. 839 MB